Whether or not to carry a product is up to the individual store. Our商店发现者是一个伟大的方式来找到你最喜欢的石田公关oducts near you. You can also help us get on the shelves by asking your store's dairy manager to carry your favorite flavors. Sometimes all it takes is a request from a yogurt lover like you.


The date printed on our products is the use-by date. Over time, natural chemical reactions cause our products to change. These changes tend to impact texture and flavor characteristics. To assure consumers experience our products when they’re at their best, we recommend consuming them prior to the use-by date.

For more information on the use of product dates across the U.S. food industry feel free to从USDA查看此信息


It's normal for a little bit of liquid (whey) to separate from our yogurt. It occurs when the product has undergone a temperature change, if there's been any type of pressure applied, or if it's been mishandled. Unlike some brands, we don't use any artificial thickeners that might prevent this. We recommend that you simply stir it back in when enjoying a single serving (or carefully pour it out if you have a larger container).


It can. Heating yogurt to high temperatures can destroy the beneficial cultures. In general, we don't recommend that you add yogurt directly to a boiling or extremely hot mixture. Instead, stir a few tablespoons of the hot food into the yogurt, warming it gradually. Then stir the warmed yogurt into your dish near the end of the cooking process, so the yogurt won't be heated for a long time. If the temperature is above 120° F, as it is in baking, it's unlikely that the live active cultures will survive. Of course, the yogurt will still provide valuable nutrients such as calcium and protein.





We sure do! Stonyfield soy yogurt, made from soymilk, is certified vegan. It's perfect for those looking for a lactose-free, non-dairy source of calcium and protein - and also for people who want a delicious way to enjoy the nutritional benefits of soy.





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