"People are being misled by the healthy halo of food products labeled ‘natural.’ That's why all Stonyfield products are certified organic. Besides knowing your farmer, the certified organic seal is the only way to be absolutely certain what you’re eating."

Co-Founder, Gary Hirshberg

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When we started making yogurt back in 1983, today’s definition of organic didn’t even exist yet. We didn’t know a lot, but we were confident in two things: First, yogurt is delicious. Second, that to make it healthy and high quality, we had to be stewards of more than just milk. We needed to take care of people and the planet, too.


A hunch, now backed by science

We knew it back in 1983, and today we have the research to give all organic eaters a high five. Science says that organic milk is more nutritious than its conventional counterpart. Why? Because it comes from cows that are actively grazing on grass, as nature intended. Organically raised cows spend their days outside on pasture so the milk they produce isOmega-3脂肪酸显着高and CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), heart-healthy fats that can help lower bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol.

Bonus: There’s also compelling evidence that many有机水果和蔬菜are more nutritious, too.

It’s never too early to eat organic

Parents everywhere are in on the science too, and doing their best to feed their kiddos organic food. Why? Take that healthy CLA that’s so abundant in organic milk, for example — CLA levels have been shown to be higher in the breast milk of women who消耗有机乳制品。研究还表明有机饮食可以显着降低儿童体内的农药水平。

Organic for people and for planet

吃有机物对你和你的家人不仅适合,这对别人和地球有利。有机农业实践的主要目标之一是避免污染我们珍贵的土壤,河流,饮用水和毒性持久化学品的空气。这也意味着有机农民本身,他们的邻居没有暴露于潜在的致癌除草剂。有机农业不仅意味着对化石燃料的依赖性较少,它实际上可以帮助减少气候变化。它估计转换所有美国的农作物为有机would have the same carbon-reducing effect as taking 217 million cars off the road.

Yep, the scope of good that organic farming can do for people and planet blows our minds, too.

Please, dig deeper! There is a lot to be learned and said about organic farming, and we hope you will join us in the journey towards better food systems.

DIG DEEPER:这Organic Center


Getting the goods on organic is easy. Why? Because organic means being transparent about the choices that go into making the best possible products for people and the planet. We want our community to understand what organic is, what it isn’t, and how we see it shaping the future of food.

What Organic is not




Let’s start with the farmers. Why? Because farms are the hub, home, and heart of organic food.


Organic crops are 4X less likely to test positive for pesticide residues.

Organic cows are healthy cows and happy cows. With 120+ days per year in pasture, ready access to clean, temperate shade and shelter, all under the care of organic farmers who often know them by name, organic cows are prized and cared for. Pasture grazing not only improves the quality of their milk, but they also enjoy healthier body weight, hoof, and joint health. Organic cows fertilize their own fields, churn up and aerate pasture with those healthy hooves, and enjoy a major role in the systems-based approach to farming. In organic dairy, healthy, happy cows are the star player.

Toxic Persistent Pesticides




According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, the常规农业毒素, Atrazine, is found in abundance in the majority of America’s surface water and drinking water. This is just one of many pesticides banned in the EU, and yet we’re still battling it here in the U.S.

美国地质调查局的最近的一项研究发现,63%的样本treams were contaminated by neonicotinoid pesticides.

- Tracy Misiewicz,Phd,有机中心科学计划的副主任

Protections from Pesticides in Organic Farming


Our family farmers start by using a combination of farming practices that deter pests. These include crop rotation, starting with pest resistant plant varieties and introducing beneficial organisms like ladybugs that don’t harm the crops while munching away at unwanted critters.

If organic farmers do need to control pests further, they can use a small number of substances that don’t have harmful effects on people or the environment and that don’t persist in our soil, water or air. These natural pesticides, like paper mulch, horticultural oils and hydrated lime, are carefully screened and approved by the USDA for use on organic farms.

Why it matters: The health effects of pesticide exposure

这World Health Organization says Glyphosate—the most commonly-used常规农药,A.K.A.,Roundup-可能是癌症引起的。Pesticide exposure对于农场工人也与神经系统和肺部损伤,认知故障,抑郁症以及内分泌和免疫系统的功能障碍。

In fact, the 2008-2009 President’s Cancer Panel recommends eating没有杀虫剂种植的食物to help decrease the risk of contracting cancer.


So, the adverse health effects of toxic persistent pesticides may be largely avoidable by eating an organic diet. That’s great news!

Protecting your body from pesticides with organic choices


We view the supermarket as a voting booth. We see it as a place where you can vote for local or not, organic or not, natural or not, synthetic hormones or not, pesticides or not.

-Gary Hirshberg, Stonyfield Chairman, 1999 National Town Meeting on Sustainability

而对抗有毒持久pesticides rages on, we have some important food choices to make. Organic farmers do not use toxic persistent pesticides, period. That means food that limits potentially harmful exposure for our ourselves, for our families, for the farmers, and for the earth.

Antibiotics & Growth Hormones


Alright there are a few differences--the four stomachs come to mind--but when it comes to the building blocks of a long and healthy life, cows needs are similar to ours, and organic farmers don’t just understand these principles, they practice them.

我们是我们吃得很好,锻炼,外面的时候是我们最健康和富有成效的自我,只是照顾好。同样,而不是使用抗生素和人工生长激素,有机乳制品农民通过声音畜牧业 - 良好的动物卫生,最佳的生活条件,营养牧场,干草和饲料,安全,人工生长激素。

How might the organic approach to healthy cows differ from conventional dairy farming?





We buy our organic milk from small farms rather than corporate farms with large-scale operations—we buy from farmers whom we’ve come to know and trust over the years, many of them just a few hours drive away. They share our passion for healthy foods, healthy people, and a healthy planet; we couldn’t ask for better partners.

In 2014, we launched the Stonyfield Direct Milk Supply program to increase our support of organic dairy farmers in our own backyard-in New Hampshire, Maine, New York and Vermont. Farming isn’t easy, especially in New England, so we work directly with our farmers to ensure they have the resources and customized technical assistance they need to grow and operate their businesses sustainably. And because we all benefit when a family farm thrives, we provide each farm up to $10,000 technical assistance in their first two years with us, tailored to the farms needs.

"The most important thing about our program is we know each farm family, their cows, their commitment to organic dairy, and I love the fact that with each cup of yogurt we further that mission."

-Kyle Thygesen, Director of Milk sourcing and Procurement at Stonyfield Organic.

其余的我们的牛奶来自CROPP与ive, the oldest and largest farmer-owned cooperative in the nation with over 1800 family farm members. (You may know them as Organic Valley)! CROPP supplies both organic milk for our organic products, as well as all the 100% grassfed milk for our grassfed organic products. With herd sizes that average 72 cows, CROPP shares our vision of producing the best products possible without the use of antibiotics, synthetic hormones, toxic persistent pesticides or GMOs, while being conscientious stewards of the environment.



秘密在采购中!每一匙酸奶,牛奶滴和石块野生冰沙的啜饮和搭配的地方,人,植物和牧场 - 幸福的奶牛都是如此。




Responsible ingredient sourcing is the touch point of everything we do here at Stonyfield Organic. It’s been that way since the beginning, because from the founders to the farmers to our sourcing teams, our organic community expects nothing less. We’re committed to providing transparency and continuing to go above and beyond to ensure the integrity of the organic label.

We hope you’ll join us on this journey.

Sourcing Values We Live By

  • 我们支持有机的生长,选择最好的有机成分,所以我们可以为您提供最健康的食物。
  • 我们来自我们认识和信任的家庭农民来源。
  • 我们一定要知道每种成分来自哪里,对公众来说是透明的。
  • 我们来自农民来源,这些农民在地球的福祉中使用生态上可持续的做法 - 我们努力共同进行持续改进。
  • 我们支持对向我们提供牛奶来制作产品的奶牛的人道治疗。188bet体育投注1
  • We offer fair economic return and seek to create long-term relationships with our farmers and suppliers.
  • From the farm to the cup, we work every day to reduce our carbon footprint

2013年,Stonyfield阐述了一个使命,看看我们越来越多的人,以增加新英格兰北部正在这里生产的有机牛奶量。我们当时不知道它,但这是一个追求我们作为有机农业学校的根源。这是对的,Stonyfield没有在酸奶商业中突出 - 我们在1983年开始成为威尔顿的有机农业学校,NH。

We’ve grown considerably since those early days, as has the number of organic dairy farms. But in recent years we began to look around and notice that here in northern New England, the number of organic dairy farms wasn’t growing anymore. In fact, the population of organic dairy farmers in this region was aging. More and more farmers were getting close to the age of retirement with no plans for who would take over the farm when they retired.

在新罕布什尔州,我们爱我们的家,我们广域网t to get as much of our milk from as close to home as we can. We realized that if we wanted to keep getting our milk from family farms in this region well into the future, we would need to be more proactive about helping the next generation of organic farmers get established.

Fortunately for us, the folks at Wolfe’s Neck Center for Agriculture and the Environment agreed with us about the importance of sustaining the future of organic dairy. Wolfe’s Neck is a non-profit farm and education center in Freeport, Maine, and they’re on a mission to grow sustainable agriculture in New England. In 2015, we provided Wolfe’s Neck with a grant of $1.6 million to establish a first-of-its-kind residential organic dairy training program.


Wolfe’s Neck is partnered with the Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship program, and since launching in 2015 they have been working to recruit additional farms around the Northeast to host more apprentices. Several farms that supply milk to Stonyfield have signed up to host their own apprentices for both short and long term rotations.

Glen Putnam, a farmer with Stonyfield’s direct milk supply program, talks about how the partnership has benefitted his farm: "I run a dairy farm without any full time employees and am in the Naval reserve which can be difficult for a farmer. Working with Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship Program allows me to get the time away from the farm I need and know it's in the hands of a qualified person."

We’re excited to see Wolfe’s Neck helping launch the next generation of organic dairy farmers in New England. But don’t just take our word for it –go and see for yourself! Wolfe’s Neck is open to the public year-round, with agricultural education programs for kids and families, and has an incredible campground too.在他们的网站上了解更多信息。

家庭农场将我们重新连接到土地,彼此。他们为我们的社区提供美丽的开放空间,丰富的野生动物栖息地和农村魅力。我们在县展览会上挑选田野和宠物母牛。家庭农场提醒我们,我们的食物来自哪里 - 它的味道有多好。


When you buy organic, you are helping to support a fairer, more stable agricultural market, which keeps thousands of small family farms in business and thriving. In fact, organic milk prices are traditionally more stable than the conventional dairy market, so organic farmers often have an easier job of covering production costs. That means they have a better chance of keeping the lights on at the farm and the cows out in the pasture, where they belong.


这就是为什么我们一直认为有机家庭农场对我们的健康和地球的健康至关重要。为什么我们在我们成为酸奶制造商之前,我们跑了一个非营利性有机农业学校。这几天,每年Stonyfield Organics购买数百万磅有机果实,有机牛奶和其他有机成分,从数百种有机家庭农民和种植者中。这意味着数百种农场待业务。

When you buy Stonyfield Organic products, you buy them for your family’s health. What you may not think about in the checkout line is how you are also contributing to the health and well-being of our organic farmers, their families and the communities they live in.

Research shows that有机的farmersare 35 percent more profitable than the average farm—and a lot more likely to stay in agriculture as a result.

In Organic, the price point that organic farmers get paid for their milk is higher than for non-organic milk, and more consistent. This helps farmers budget for the year, as well as plan and invest in their farm.

–Kyle Thygesen, Stonyfield Director of Milk Sourcing and Procurement

这S.e benefits don’t just stay on the farm.


Organic farmers in hot spots create jobs, promote economic growth, boost household incomes and reduce poverty levels —at greater rates than general agriculture. In fact, there is now conclusive research that demonstrates that organic agricultural activity actually improves the economic health of a county.

  • Median household incomes increase by more than $2,000,
  • 贫困率in a county may decrease by as much as 1.35 percentage points


Fighting Climate Change

这average age of farmers in the U.S. may steadily be climbing, but there is a new surge of youthful enthusiasm in one key area of agriculture: organic farming.

Many young farmers are returning to their roots, but even more are discovering a love of agriculture for a different reason. They see it as a way to connect with and support the health of the environment. At a time when the symptoms of climate change are becoming more and more real, and the future of stable weather patterns, water temperatures, and other key factors that the success of any farm depend on are increasingly uncertain, young farmers are taking action.

Being part of a group of people around the world that is challenging the status quo to better our environment, health, and food culture is absolutely incredible. Everyday I have an opportunity to make a decision that can impact the environment for either good or bad. Having that influence on my community, environment, and myself is a responsibility that can be both overwhelming and rewarding.

- 哈登·戈奇,夫人牧场农业和环境颈部的乳房牧场学徒。

But does agriculture contribute to climate change? Or help mitigate it? The answer is, ‘both’, and it turns out that young organic farmers just might be doing a lot to protect their future--and ours.

Agriculture is responsible for roughly 15% of all global greenhouse gas emissions. But it’s now been shown that有机土壤螯合剂26%more carbon than non-organic soil. In other words, organic agriculture has the potential to be part of the solution to climate change, and that’s huge for the future of farming.

How’s that? Carbon is a necessary component of healthy soil, but years of conventional farming practices have severely depleted carbon levels in US farmlands.

New studies show that organic farming methods can restore this element to the soil, where it should be, and removes CO2 from the air, where it is causing rapid climate change. This process is called “soil sequestration” and it is one of the most exciting environmental solutions that organic farming provides.

在Stonyfield Organic,我们一直在支持土壤健康,但现在我们正在增加我们对与农场合作的关注,以提高碳封存潜力。改善土壤健康是农民和环境的双赢解决方案 - 除了在大气中取出二氧化碳,改善土壤健康也有助于提高农场的盈利能力。


How can you help? First, eat organic as much as possible. Then consider supporting programs that provide resources to the new generation of organic farmers. It turns out that they could be our ticket to a healthier future.

下次你挖掘一个石块容器的Stonyfield有机酸奶,暂停第三件咬伤以感谢蜜蜂。金宝搏app客户端实际上,谢谢数百万他们。勤劳的蜂蜜蜜蜂和其他粉丝器每三口中的一次冲击一次我们吃的食物, and that includes more than在美国100农作物Which makes the next piece of news so alarming:



  • 有机农场不使用有毒合成杀虫剂如新烟碱蛋白,一类通过研究发现的杀虫剂,对蜜蜂特别有害。研究表明pesticide use是全国各地殖民地塌陷障碍升高的贡献因素。
  • 有机农场的蜜蜂殖民地有更多的机会,拥有更多的生物多样性和开花植物。因此,蜜蜂收集足够的滋补花粉和花蜜,以维持和发展他们的荨麻疹。他们对自然的饮食更健康。就像我们一样!这有助于避免疾病和压力,另外两种与蜜蜂灭绝相关的因素。

Organic family farms play a critical role in the survival of the honey bee and the long-term health and well-being of our families, and our planet. Because toxic pesticides and less wholesome foods really aren’t good for anyone —bees or people.

Babies, Kids, and Organic







We always prefer to look on the bright side, but when it comes to toxic persistent pesticides, our mama and papa-bear instincts kick into high gear. Babies, toddlers, and kids are more vulnerable than adults to pesticide exposure. Young digestive tracts absorb toxins more readily than adults’, and young kidneys don’t detoxify as efficiently as adult kidneys. As a result, these toxins circulate longer in babies’ bodies.

Children are absorbing higher levels of pesticides when their bodies are least able to protect against them.

- 有机中心科学计划的副主任,博士,博士,博士


But there is good news.


这good news is that *research also shows you can immediately and dramatically reduce the pesticide content in a child’s body by switching to organic foods. Researchers at the University of Washington found that by putting children on a mostly organic diet for just five days, they could “virtually eliminate exposures to a dangerous class of insecticides known to disrupt neurological development in infants and children.”

Furthermore, you don’t even need to switch your child’s entire diet to make a difference to their health. Studies show that by choosing organic foods occasionally, lower residues of pesticides were found.

Thanks to organic farmers not using toxic persistent pesticides, we get to choose foods produced without them. That limits potentially harmful exposure for our kids, for our families, for the farmers, and for the earth.

* Lu C,Toepel Ri,Fenske R,Barr D,Bravo R.有机饮食显着降低儿童膳食暴露于有机磷农药。环境健康观点。2006年2月; 114(2):260-3。


Do you know what character trait we love sharing with our crew of organic eaters? That insatiable need to want to know more about where food comes from, how it’s produced, how it affects our health, and if it’s hurting or helping our planet.It’s this curiosity and drive to make sure that our food systems are doing their best for us and for the health of the environment that spurs Stonyfield Organic on in the fight against GMOs. USDA organic regulations prohibit the use of GMOs, so all certified organic products are always non-GMO.Are you concerned about whether GMOs are in your food? Here’s some info that has helped us make our decision to leave GMOs where they belong -- far away from our food.

What are GMOS.?

GMOs are Genetically Modified Organisms. This refers to a plant, animal, or organism whose genetic makeup has been altered in a laboratory in a way that wouldn’t happen in nature. When it comes to your food that usually means they’re plants that scientists figured out how to manipulate at the genetic level to do things like resist damage from pesticides. Plants like corn, soy and alfalfa hay that are used for cow feed.


GMOs are leading to an increase in the use of toxic persistent pesticides. More than 80% of all GMO crops grown worldwide have been engineered for herbicide tolerance. As a result, the use of toxic herbicides, such as Roundup®, has increased since GMOs were first introduced. That means more pesticides in our air, water, soil and food.While the crops have been genetically modified to survive toxic pesticides, you and your family haven’t. Many pesticides are dangerous for farm workers and their families, and have been proven to cause reproductive and developmental effects, especially in young children. In short, most GMOs are helping to introduce more and morepesticides and herbicidesinto our air, groundwater, soil, and bodies. This is a huge threat to our own health and ecosystems.

采取行动 - 只是标记它

Stonyfield Organic致力于生产没有转基因生物的食物,是我们致力于选择最佳有机成分的承诺。我们首先确保我们的产品有机认证,但我们不会停止那里!St188bet体育投注1onyfield Organic强烈支持知道我们吃的食物中的内容,包括是否用GMO成分制作。这就是我们帮助推出的原因只是标记它广告系列 - 我们的联合创始人Gary Hirshberg作为主席 - 以及为什么我们也是国家转基因标签竞选活动的大型支持者。Since 2011, we’ve donated over $650,000 (and countless hours) to state labeling campaigns and the national efforts of Just Label It.Now that we have a federal labeling law, we’re working hard with our friends at Just Label It to make sure that USDA creates meaningful labeling regulations that will require companies to clearly disclose the presence of GMOs in food.

Want to avoid GMOs in your food?

Eating organic is your best bet.The USDA requires organic farms and products to be made without GMOs. Stonyfield is no exception: not only are all of our fresh milk dairy yogurt products made without the use of GMOs or toxic persistent pesticides, we’ve gone the extra mile to make sure all Stonyfield fresh milk dairy yogurt products areNon-GMO Project Verified

Dig Deeper

这re is so much more to know about GMOs, so please continue to learn about and advocate for stronger regulations and improved transparency. Discover information and easy ways to be heard and make a difference at The Action Center atjustlabelit.org





  • 奶牛每天都可以在室外进入天气允许的情况下,即使他们的牧场没有成长。它们还将享受遮荫,遮蔽,运动区,新鲜空气和阳光直射。谁不会爱吗?
  • Most of the cows’ diet will come from grazing on pasture during the grazing season, which must be at least 120 days per year.
  • 任何牛都会发现舒适的生活空间,包括:
    • clean, dry bedding
    • 合适的温度,通风and air circulation
    • 运动和自然行为的机会(奶牛是奶牛)
    • a reduction in the risk of injury to any animal
  • Zero use of antibiotics, unless a cow’s life is in jeopardy requiring drug intervention, and that cow then leaves the organic herd
  • Zero use of synthetic growth hormones like rBGH, which is used in some general farming practices to boost milk production.


Stonyfield Organic有一个专门的农场团队,也是我们的供应商农场每季度,与我们的生产者,奶牛和设施一起检查,以支持他们,并帮助我们为我们的技术援助计划提供投资。

这dairy farmers we partner with lead with their heart and put a lot of energy into doing what’s best for their cows, not what makes the job easiest for them. So, the next time you pick up a container of Stonyfield Organic yogurt, it’s OK to imagine a happy cow munching on a field of grass, because that’s just how it happens.


Crivelli Farms
我们利用我们在Crivelli Farms等当地农场使用的酸奶中使用的有机石榴果汁。在加利福尼亚州圣约Jaaquin山谷的西部,这家人的农民......
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Be In The Know. Get Involved
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这re’s a whole lot more to organic yogurt than pasture raised cows and the organic grasses they feed on.